About us

Basilicata Creativa is the cluster of the cultural and creative industries of Basilicata Region. It is composed of the assembly of members, the technical scientific committee (15 members) and the management committee (15 members).

Basilicata Creativa includes subjects operating in the productive sectors of the cultural and creative industries, in the form of:

  • aggregation of companies (both individual and collective, in any form established), business networks, consortia, consortium companies and / or organizations that are registered in the business register;
  • University;
  • Public research bodies;
  • Other public and private research organizationsi in possesso dei requisiti di cui al Regolamenti UE n. 651/2014:
    • Cultural industries (ICT and software, media and multimedia, audio-visual, video game industry, cinema, publishing);
    • Creative industries (design, communication, architecture);
    • Heritage (cultural heritage, visual arts, places of entertainment, multicultural centers, conservation, enhancement and use of cultural heritage, enhancement of the territory and environment);
    • Performing arts (theatre, dance, music, festival)
    • Creative - driven (services to support cultural and creative industries, social innovation, cross-fertilization) are the reference sectors of the members and of those who want to be part of it.

Basilicata Creativa and the key points of the mission:

• To support the aggregation of companies and research organizations (public / private) operating in Basilicata, which make culture and creativity their daily driving force;
• Stimulating the birth of new business projects in the areas of culture, creativity;
• Promoting educational paths to cultural and creative enterprises;;
• Actions for technology transfer;
• Development of demonstrators and pilot plants;
• Accompanying traditional businesses on product and process innovation paths through culture and creativity;
• Responding to internationalization and innovation needs through specific actions;
• Promoting the birth of cultural and creative supply chains in the Lucanian area

Creative - Driven13%
Creative industries5%
Cultural industries62%
Performing arts10%